Did You Know

What Are The Most Common Dental-Related Allergies?

Oral Hypersensitivity Reactions Dental-related allergies usually include swelling and inflammation of the gums, and they may arise from several sources in your dentist office. Here are some of the most common oral hypersensitivity reactions. Allergy towards latex products. Rubber gloves are commonly used in the dental and medical fields. Dental dams are also made of […]

Dental Lasers: Better Alternative To Traditional Drills

Amazing Applications of Dental Lasers Did you know that lasers have been in use by dental professionals for decades already? For dental procedures, lasers are efficient cutting and vaporizing instruments to remove diseased or decaying oral tissues, and also used in teeth whitening treatment. They offer a variety of benefits to patients and make the […]

Why Do I Have To Use A Sports Mouth Guard?

Protection From Sports Injuries Mouth guards are mouth protectors, designed to protect your mouth, teeth, and soft tissue from trauma or injury. One major purpose of using these devices is for added protection against sports injuries. They have many oral health advantages and come in several types. Mouth guards are worn over the teeth, generally […]

Why Does Teeth Grinding Happen and What To Do

Understanding Teeth Grinding or Bruxism Do you experience waking up to a headache, a tension in your jaw, or a stiff neck? You may be grinding your teeth at night and not know it. If this happens too often and is causing you much concern, better see your dentist soon. Find out more about this […]

Explaining the Different Types of Gum Surgery

For Treating Disease or For Aesthetics If your dentist recommends gum surgery, it may mean that you have developed gum disease that has already become problematic. Untreated gum disease can leave you with infected and damaged gums that require surgery. You need to understand why you have become a candidate for gum surgery and that […]

The Good and The Bad Side of Back Teeth

The Back Teeth Dilemma Molars are called the ‘back teeth.’ At a certain age you would have all six in the upper arch and another six on the bottom. They include the wisdom tooth, the third one in the farthest end on both sides. They do have a purpose but they often come with issues. […]

The Different Types of Dental Restoration

The Direct And Indirect Methods Dental restoration includes a variety of options and these are depending on the nature of your dental problem. Teeth may require repairing due to worn out, damaged, or decayed parts, while sometimes, one or more teeth are entirely missing. Restoration can be categorized in two general types. Dental restorations can […]

Understanding The Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

What is Restorative Dentistry?  Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with restoring in the mouth lost function and esthetics. It is an integrated approach to oral health problems by means of available treatment options. Find out what these are. The American Dental Association is not currently recognizing this branch of dentistry as […]