Cheek Biting: Do You Have a Problem?

Every so often, everyone bites down on the inside of their own cheeks. When it happens, some people wonder if they may have a problem. Could there be something wrong with their teeth? Fortunately, the answer is generally simple.

Biting your cheek is normal, even when you have straight, healthy teeth. The problem is that, when you bite your cheek, you’re likely to experience swelling in your delicate cheek tissues, which makes it easier to bite yourself in the damaged area and further aggravate the swelling. All you need to do is be mindful of your injured cheek. Take care when you chew so as to allow the cheek heal. In some extreme cases cases, you might benefit from the application of orthodontic wax or another product designed to protect your cheek. Consult your Lynnwood dentistry clinic for more information.