Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment

Nobody likes having to go through root canals, but Song Dental Center in Lynnwood can help you to get through one as painlessly and stress-free as possible.  

When you choose us for your root canal therapy, you can be assured that you’re getting a practiced set of hands and a supportive, gentle staff to not only save your tooth, but put your mind at ease while we’re doing it. We also offer laser assisted root canal therapy utilizing laser technology to disinfect and sterilize the root canals for optimal treatment.

Root canals are called for when the fleshy mass on the inside of the tooth known as the “pulp” becomes infected.  This can happen when a cavity becomes too severe, or when the tooth sustains a serious fracture.

An infection in the pulp is associated with an acute pain, caused by the pulp attempting to swell within the confining outer shell of the tooth.  It is then important to go into the tooth, cut away the infected part of the pulp, and seal it up again in order to save the tooth.

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It’s a daunting prospect, but a necessary one if you think you may have an infection in your pulp.  Left untreated, such an infection can kill your tooth and spread throughout your mouth. Save yourself this suffering with our Lynnwood dentist, where you can reap the benefits of the best in pain suppression and root canal procedures.