Emergency Dental Care

A dental emergency can include many things.  If your tooth gets broken or knocked out, this is a definite job for our Lynnwood dentist.  

If you’re experiencing a severe pain of unknown origin in your teeth, this may also qualify as an emergency situation.  

If you’ve suffered some other trauma to your mouth, like a potential broken jaw, you might consider the hospital emergency room instead.  Use your discretion when deciding where to take your dental emergencies.

Dental Equipment

If a permanent tooth has been knocked out, hang on to the tooth.  Place the tooth back in its socket if you can easily do so.  Do not clean the tooth, as you might scrub away tissue that may serve to help save the tooth.  Keep the tooth wet in water, milk, or saliva if you can (hold it in your cheek if you have to) and get to your dentist immediately.

We do our best to accommodate high-priority patients.  To that end, we accept both same-day emergency appointments and emergency walk-ins.