Advanced Technology

Why Waterlase iPlus™?

No longer will you need to dread the dental drill! When you come to our dental clinic, you can benefit from the amazing technology of the WaterLase iPlus™ system. A laser-based alternative to the more brutal tools of traditional dentistry, WaterLase is making the modern dentist office a more efficient, more effective, and far more comfortable place for you and your loved ones!

Benefits of Waterlase iPlus™

Our Lynnwood dentist employs the revolutionary WaterLase Dental Laser Technology so that our patients can benefit from the following amazing features:

No Drills, No Needles, No Pain!

There are many people who would rather suffer a toothache than subject themselves to the drills and needles of the dentist’s office.

Thanks to WaterLase, your dentist can now conduct most important dental procedures without these dreaded instruments. You may be surprised to find that some of your treatments will not even require anesthetic anymore!

Safe and Precise

Have you ever heard the phrase “laser precision”? There’s a reason this term exists! Compared to the traditional dental drill, a dental laser is an enormous leap forward in safety and precision. Regular drills need to remove large amounts of tooth structure where a laser is able to pinpoint exactly what needs to be removed. Meanwhile, drills are harsh and abrasive to your teeth, often causing pain or inflicting unnecessary damage to your teeth. Lasers are so safe that they rarely even require anesthetic! If you’re coming in for soft tissue treatments, you may find that you experience less bleeding and swelling in your gums. This is because the laser is surprisingly gentle, even on your delicate gum tissues.

Increased Sanitation

WaterLase lasers are able to operate on a patient’s mouth without ever coming into contact with it. This is a great benefit over traditional dental instruments, which are exposed to the rampant bacteria of many other mouths before they enter yours. This means you experience a far lower risk of cross-contamination during your dental visit. In fact, the laser has the potential to kill off bacteria by itself. This reduces the need for harsh antiseptics during your treatments.

Less Time Spent in the Dentist Office

WaterLase treatments do not require quite as many shots or anesthesia as traditional treatments, so they can be conducted quickly and easily. A dentist can potentially perform cavity preps in all areas of your mouth in a single visit, preventing the need for multiple, time-consuming appointments. WaterLase also allows a dentist to perform many procedures that may otherwise have been referred to a specialist.

This sophisticated laser has the power to shape your tooth and clean your cavities without the need of antiseptics. It’s so gentle on your tissues that even most cavity fillings can be done without the need of anesthesia. And, in case that wasn’t enough, it can do the job quicker than ever before.

*Actual video footage of Dr. Thomas Song’s procedures.

Technology this advanced is not available in every dental offices, so give a call to Song Dental Center to benefit from WaterLase iPlus™ today!