Other Services

A good dental professional is always ready for whatever surprises your mouth might throw at him.  Our Lynnwood dentist, Dr. Thomas Song provides quality and affordable dental care.

Here are some of the other services provided by the Song Dental Center in Lynnwood.

Bruxism (Tooth-Grinding)

Many children experience bruxism at some point.  It will generally go away over time, though it can be a concern if your child is complaining of a sore jaw or if the habit hasn’t gone away before his or her permanent teeth begin to come in.  Your dentist can offer solutions to a tooth-grinding problem, so contact us for a consultation.

mouth guard

TMJ/TMD Treatment

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder or TMD, temporomandibular disorders, describe a disorder wherein the complex relationship between the jaw bone and the muscles that move it is compromised in some way.  These can manifest in many ways, often different from person to person, but frequently involve muscle fatigue, spasms, and poor function of the jaw.  A practiced dental expert can diagnose and relieve you of your jaw disorders, so contact our Lynnwood dentistry office if you feel that such treatment might be right for you.

Athletic Mouth Guards

There are several options available when it comes to buying an athletic mouth guard, but only your dentist can provide you with the best combination of comfort and security necessary to boost performance and save your smile. A custom fitted mouth guard is a must for the sporty individual who hopes to maintain his or her teeth throughout a long and successful athletic career.

Snore Guards

Are you or your loved one a noisy sleeper?  Your dentist can help!  Talk to us about trying an orally-fitted snore guard to bring the silence back to your sleep cycle.

NTI Migraine Treatment

Do you suffer from migraines when you wake up?  You may be happy to learn that there is an effective, non-drug solution to your problem that your dentist can offer you.  The NTI device simply fits between your teeth to minimize the intensity of your nocturnal clenching.  Come to our office to see if NTI is right for you!

Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Bad breath is more than just an awkward social stumbling block.  It could be indicative of a real dental problem such as gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. Whatever the case, your Lynnwood dentist is equipped to freshen up your noxious exhalations.