Did You Know

The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Prevention is Key Why is it important for you and your family to visit our Lynnwood dentistry clinic every year? Many people neglect their regular dental appointments because they think that their mouths feel fine and their teeth look great. However, there is more to a dental visit than giving yourself a cleaning. When you […]

Mix Up Your Brushing Routine!

Brushing Your Teeth When you get your routine check-up at our Lynnwood Dentistry, do you find that you’re developing plaque in the same places over and over again? Maybe you’ve even tried to pay more attention to brushing thoroughly, and you still experience the same plaque growth. If this is the case, the answer to […]

How Poor Nutrition Is Detrimental To Oral Health

What To Avoid We all know that the food choices we make have an impact on one’s general health. There are carbohydrates, starches, sweets, proteins, and acids, among others, when consumed in excessive amounts can create havoc in our organs and tissues. It does the same where our oral health is involved. High sugar diets […]

The Beauty and Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

A Worthwhile Investment Porcelain veneers are customized thin shells of materials of the same color as teeth that are meant to cover imperfections on the front side. They improve the appearance of teeth, giving you a brighter and more confident smile. Let us know more about what problems can be addressed by porcelain veneers, the […]

What Are The Most Common Dental-Related Allergies?

Oral Hypersensitivity Reactions Dental-related allergies usually include swelling and inflammation of the gums, and they may arise from several sources in your dentist office. Here are some of the most common oral hypersensitivity reactions. Allergy towards latex products. Rubber gloves are commonly used in the dental and medical fields. Dental dams are also made of […]

Dental Lasers: Better Alternative To Traditional Drills

Amazing Applications of Dental Lasers Did you know that lasers have been in use by dental professionals for decades already? For dental procedures, lasers are efficient cutting and vaporizing instruments to remove diseased or decaying oral tissues, and also used in teeth whitening treatment. They offer a variety of benefits to patients and make the […]

Why Do I Have To Use A Sports Mouth Guard?

Protection From Sports Injuries Mouth guards are mouth protectors, designed to protect your mouth, teeth, and soft tissue from trauma or injury. One major purpose of using these devices is for added protection against sports injuries. They have many oral health advantages and come in several types. Mouth guards are worn over the teeth, generally […]

Why Does Teeth Grinding Happen and What To Do

Understanding Teeth Grinding or Bruxism Do you experience waking up to a headache, a tension in your jaw, or a stiff neck? You may be grinding your teeth at night and not know it. If this happens too often and is causing you much concern, better see your dentist soon. Find out more about this […]