Did You Know

Tongue Scraping: Working with Brushing and Flossing

Benefits of Cleaning The Tongue Many people who use their toothbrush to brush their teeth are also using the same brush to scrape clean their tongues. Tongue scrapers are small dental tools that resemble spoons or shedding blades and made of wood, metal, ivory, and whalebone. Currently, they can easily bought cheap at Amazon, now […]

How Oral Hygiene Protects the Health of the Heart

More Research Proving The Link There is even more proof that healthy gums means a healthy heart.  In the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, a recent South Korea study was published about a research done by the Korean National Health Insurance System. More than 161,000 participants gave information on their oral health and oral hygiene […]

Different and Unusual Flossing Strategies

What Works and What Doesn’t  According to some public surveys, when it comes to flossing teeth, people tend to be resourceful with tools in cases the appropriate flossing equipment isn’t available. The items picked up were common, everyday tools but were a bit unusual. Just to remove a piece of food stuck in between teeth, […]

Little Known Causes of Bad Breath

More About Bad Breath You Should Know You think you know all the probable causes of halitosis? It’s been often reported that a host of causes is causing bad breath. The most common are: smelly foods like onions and garlic, smoking, mouth-drying medications, presence of cavities, low carb diet, excessive alcohol consumption, acid reflux disease, […]

The Anatomy of a Cavity

Understanding Tooth Cavities  Cavities are very common in daily life, perhaps as common as the common cold.  However, if they are so widespread they ought to be easily distinguished as a problematic situation where treatment is promptly sought before they become a more serious concern. Different people have differing experiences with tooth cavities. What exactly […]

Gingivitis: Dealing with Oral Health’s Most Common Condition

Understanding Gingivitis Do you realize that gingivitis is an extremely common oral health condition? Gingivitis can begin in early childhood. At puberty, prevalence rises. In recent years, periodontal disease, the endpoint of chronic gingivitis, slowly has decreased among adult Americans. However, chronic periodontitis is still the most prevalent chronic inflammatory condition in the elderly. And […]

Not All Cavities Are The Same

The Classes Of Cavities Dental professionals use a specific classification system to assess them. There are six classes of cavities based on the tooth type and location of the decay, as well as four classifications that describe the severity of decay. Dr. G.V. Black, an American dentist, classified tooth cavities over 100 years ago, still […]

Root Canal Treatment: A Tooth-Saving Effort

Understanding Root Canal Treatment  Did you know that there are more than 15 million root canals performed annually? However, even with these numbers, the treatment still suffers from many misconceptions. The procedure is indicated when the pulp tissue is already infected by bacteria causing inflammation and then pain. Nerves may be exposed due to a […]