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Understanding What Dry Mouth Is – Part Two

So how do you know you have dry mouth? If you experience any of these, better see your dentist: dry or sticky feeling in the mouth like its stuffed with cotton balls especially when waking up, burning feeling in mouth or tongue and sometimes tongue feels like shoe leather, dry lips and throat or mouth […]

Understanding What Dry Mouth Is – Part One

Causes, Symptoms and Remedies Dry mouth is when your salivary glands don’t produce enough saliva to wet your mouth. It’s terribly uncomfortable while you swallow, eat or speak. What would be the cause or causes of such a dilemma? Certain medications can contribute to dry mouth.  Likewise, anything that increases your risk for dry mouth […]

These Five Culprits Can Cause Teeth Sensitivity

Causes and Treatments of Teeth Sensitivity When you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, it is a sign that there is an issue in your mouth that you have to look into. Learn more about common causes of sensitive teeth, and how to solve them. The outer layer of your teeth – the enamel – is worn out. […]

Care for TMJ Pain Song Dental

When Pain and Popping in the Jaw Happens The temporo-mandibular joint or TMJ is that joint that connects your lower jaw (or mandible) to your skull, at the temporal area just in front of each ear. Several medical conditions, apart from traumatic injuries, affect not just the joints themselves, but involve their surrounding muscles, tendons […]

Where is the Sugar Hiding?

Hidden Sugars You probably have a pretty good idea of what causes tooth decay. We don’t need to tell you that candy, bubblegum, and soda are among your mouth’s biggest enemies. Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the story. Our Lynnwood Dentistry advises that you keep an eye out for some of the more unknown […]

The Importance of a Good Mouth Guard

Mouth Guards and Injuries Our Lynnwood Dentistry may recommend that people who participate in contact sports, and even certain non-contact sports, wear mouth guards. A proper guard offers important protection against crippling dental injuries. Mouth guards are also used while sleeping, commonly known as nightguards. Even children at a “pee wee” level, where injuries may […]

When an Object Gets Stuck Between Your Teeth

Every so often, you may get something stuck in between your teeth that is harder to get out than the average corn husk or piece of spinach. It’s a particular problem if you have a larger gap between some of your teeth where pieces of food could get lodged while eating. This is a relatively […]

When You Lose a Filling

Lost Dental Filling Despite all the advances in dental care, fillings are never completely invulnerable. A filling will occasionally pop out, possibly after taking a sharp impact, possibly while you are chewing on a sticky food, and maybe for no discernible reason at all. If this happens, it’s important to alert your Lynnwood dentistry clinic […]