The Best and Worst Candy for Your Teeth

As far as sugary candy goes, the best choices for your teeth are the ones that don’t stick around for too long in your mouth. Selections like smarties and york peppermint patties are good examples. Even near-pure sugar, like pixie sticks are easy for your saliva to rinse away after you are done enjoying them.

Things get worse as they get hard or sticky. Caramels, starbursts, skittles, tootsie rolls, and similar items get caked in your teeth and stick around for lengthy periods of time. Hard candies designed for sucking, like jolly ranchers, suckers, and jawbreakers, have a similar problem. One of the worst candies for your teeth comes in the form of the now and later, a very hard chewable that exposes you to a strong dose of sugar while you strain your teeth to break it down.

When eating candy, it is best to do so following a meal, when your saliva is in full effect. Consider rinsing out with water when you are done, and don’t brush for about thirty minutes. Consult our Lynnwood dentistry clinic to learn more.