Low Level Laser Therapy

The unique properties of laser emissions have a number of applications for promoting healing and manage pain. Song’s Lynnwood dentistry clinic harnesses the therapeutic power of the laser through the EPIC™ 10. This technology, brought to us by leading dental laser producer BIOLASE, offers many great advantages to our patients.

Laser therapy, alternatively known as phototherapy or low level laser therapy, makes use of low power light to stimulate your natural healing processes. The laser provides your cells with the energy they need to repair themselves while a photomechanical effect gives them the signal to initiate repairs. Damaged tissues treated in this way undergo a quicker, stronger, and better recovery, all with less inflammation and reduced pain levels.

Safe and Efficient

The benefits of laser dentistry are many. It is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to many conventional dental practices, requiring less chair time, less anesthesia, and a much smaller risk of infection or cross-contamination. Though some people worry about exposure to radiation from the laser, the low-powered, non-ionizing light source used by the EPIC™ 10 does not pose any carcinogenic risks.

Conditions that can benefit from low level laser therapy include the following:

  • Cold sores and oral ulcers
  •  Bone regeneration
  •  Dry sockets
  •  Gum inflammation
  •  Hypersensitivity
  •  Implant integration
  •  Paresthesia
  •  Pocket depth reduction
  •  Postoperative tissue damage
  •  Post-scaling pain
  •  TMJ pain