Periodontal Care

In laboring to keep their teeth clean, many people neglect the importance of their gums.  This is where periodontal care is so important, and where Song Dental Center in Lynnwood can help to maintain the more delicate parts of your tooth system.

Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

When your gums are healthy, a shallow groove no deeper than three millimeters should exist between the gums and the teeth.  Gums that are worn away by disease or overly-harsh brushing techniques can widen this gap, allowing more plaque to settle within.  Such plaque is particularly difficult to remove, and requires the aid of your dentist.

At our Lynnwood dentistry, we provide services known as scaling and deep cleaning to care for gums that don’t yet require a surgical treatment. You’re probably familiar with these processes; they consist of simply scraping away the tartar buildup on the tooth to reduce the roughness at the root areas and allow the gums to naturally recover a proper groove. This is a safe, simple procedure, and should rectify all of the more mild gum problems.


Gum disease is caused by bacteria, so when you’re suffering from a bacterial infection in the gums we like to use a proper antibiotic.  Our system of choice is Arestin, a trusted germ-fighting agent that gets into hard-to-reach places and purges unwanted microbes from your mouth.  Arestin is used in conjunction with most non-surgical gum treatments, and may be prescribed to you in trouble cases.

Minor Gum Surgery

You may be a candidate for gum surgery if the damage to your gums is too extensive to recover on its own.  Corrupted gum tissue may need to be cut away and new tissue may need to be grafted or moved into place in order to conserve the integrity of your tooth system.  Should you ever suspect that you are in need of these more extreme forms of gum treatment, contact our dentist in Lynnwood for the very best in periodontal care.