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Oral Hygiene Essentials to Live By

All About Keeping the Mouth Clean Take note of these practices that dentists say are the most important when talking about oral hygiene. Brushing with the right technique. Your toothbrush is your teeth’s best friend, but use it correctly. Small circular motions to brush all the tooth surfaces per tooth is the right way, not […]

The Case of Sparkling Water on Oral Health

Is Sparkling Water Better than Regular Water? Sparkling water is just the craze today. Everybody seems to love sparkling water, perhaps convinced that it is better than ordinary water, which is somewhat acidic. What does the American Dental Association, or the ADA, have to say about that? Some dentists say sparkling water, per se, should […]

What is Dry Mouth Syndrome?

Dry Mouth: Causes, Symptoms, and Relief Tips When there’s persistent lack of saliva in the mouth, it’s a condition called ‘xerostomia’ or ‘dry mouth’. If individuals do not have enough saliva they are unable to keep their mouths hydrated, leading to an environment that is prone to many oral issues. Dry mouth is more prevalent […]

Gingivitis: Signs, Causes and Risk Factors

Understanding Gingivitis You could regard gingivitis as a non-destructive form of gum disease, but if it doesn’t get treated, it can turn into to its destructive type – periodontitis. If you’re noticing red and puffy gums that bleed easily when you brush your teeth or are painful to touch, you may have gingivitis. Many people […]

Early Dental Visits: Can Prevent Obesity in Children

Eating Behaviors Can be Good or Bad When talking about children’s dental health, parents have a huge role in guiding their child towards proper hygiene routine and eating habits. It has been proved that what children eat is a determinant of their state of health. The types of food and drinks they take, how often […]

How To Enjoy Food Without Staining your Teeth

No Worries About Teeth Staining Some of the foods and drinks we consume everyday are quite notorious teeth stainers. You want to enjoy them yet you know they can discolor your teeth or make their discoloration even worst. It can be tiresome to keep your teeth clean. Yet your favorite foods and drinks are hard […]

New Dental Product: Rebuilding Teeth After Caries

An Idea that Works in Theory Dental cavities are one of the leading causes of poor oral health, affecting nearly every age group and accompanying by serious health concerns. While there are other causes, still the progress of cavities can variably lead to periodontal disease and tooth loss. The cost of treatment is a huge […]

Jaw-Popping: Party Trick Or Something Serious?

What’s Behind The Jaw Pop and What You Can Do Did you know that your Temporomandibular Joints (or TMJ) are some of the most complex joints in your body? They are quite unique than other joints in that they’re not only able to open and close – they can slide back and forth and go […]