Did You Know

Looking Out for Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Screening When you get your teeth examined at our Lynnwood Dentistry, we’re also on the lookout for oral cancer.  This represents any cancerous developments on your lips, inside your cheeks, on your tongue, on the floor of your mouth or on your hard palate. In addition to our efforts, there is also a […]

How To Floss

Are you flossing correctly? Many patients of our Lynnwood Dentistry are surprised to discover that their flossing habits are inadequate, and that those elusive between-the-teeth surfaces that don’t feel the benefits of your brush are giving precious ground in the endless battle against tooth decay. Flossing Tips If you think that your flossing could use […]

Coping With Dental Anxiety

Do you fear going to the dentist? Dental anxiety is a legitimate condition, which is why our Lynnwood Dentistry takes lengths to put your fears at ease and make you feel more comfortable throughout your procedure. It’s been found that a full five percent of the population suffers from a dentist-phobia, even when they themselves […]

Overcoming Tooth-Grinding

Teeth Grinding Our Lynnwood Dentist sees many patients suffering from excessive tooth grinding, or “bruxism”, as it is known medically. It’s a condition that can seriously compromise your teeth, wearing down their enamel and possibly leading to their destruction if it is allowed to go on for too long. Fortunately, there are many options for […]

What About Toothpicks?

Are toothpicks beneficial to your teeth? Every so often, our Lynnwood dentist will have somebody ask about the benefits of toothpicks. Are they beneficial to your teeth? Are they a valid substitute for flossing? The answer is that toothpicks are a mixed bag and, though they have some valid application, they should never be considered […]

Picking the Right Floss

Dental Floss Selection Floss selection is an important part of your flossing routine. Your Lynnwood Dentistry wants you to get the most out of your flossing, and one of the best ways to do this is to be aware of the different kinds of floss available to you. Not all floss is the same because […]

When Your Children Should Start Brushing by Themselves

Do you have children in your household? You’re probably taking care of their dental hygiene for them for the first few years of their lives, but eventually they’re going to have to start brushing by themselves. When this time comes, our Lynnwood Dentistry advises that proper brushing technique requires motor skills and an understanding that […]

On Guard Against Dry Mouth

Issues with Having a Dry Mouth You need saliva in your mouth to guard you from infections.  When your mouth is too dry, it invites harmful cultures of bacteria and fungi to thrive in your teeth and gums and cause tooth rot and gingivitis. It is for this reason that our Lynnwood dentist wants you […]