Did You Know

When an Object Gets Stuck Between Your Teeth

Every so often, you may get something stuck in between your teeth that is harder to get out than the average corn husk or piece of spinach. It’s a particular problem if you have a larger gap between some of your teeth where pieces of food could get lodged while eating. This is a relatively […]

When You Lose a Filling

Lost Dental Filling Despite all the advances in dental care, fillings are never completely invulnerable. A filling will occasionally pop out, possibly after taking a sharp impact, possibly while you are chewing on a sticky food, and maybe for no discernible reason at all. If this happens, it’s important to alert your Lynnwood dentistry clinic […]

Scrape Your Tongue for Better Taste Sensations!

Scraping your tongue is an important part of your oral hygiene routine. If you fail to clear away the build-up on your tongue’s surface, you are inviting tooth decay, gum disease, and a laundry list of tongue-related illnesses upon yourself. And, in case the health concerns are not enough to motivate you to get a […]

Why are my Teeth Sensitive?

Some people come to our Lynnwood dentist with concerns about sensitive teeth. It’s a tricky problem, as sensitivity could just as easily be caused by insufficient dental hygiene and surprisingly, it could be caused by too much dental hygiene. Cause of Tooth Sensitivity Tooth sensitivity is generally caused by either receding gums, tooth decay or […]

What is Fluoride?

You’ve probably heard the word “fluoride” before. It’s found in a lot of dental products, including many used at our Lynnwood Dentistry. But what is fluoride? Where does it come from, how does it help your teeth, and how do you know if you’re getting enough of it? Tooth Enamel Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral, […]

What to Expect After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Do you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted? Are you concerned about the procedure? After you get your wisdom teeth extracted, you will have to go through a brief recovery period. For most people, this period is going to be only a few days. Healing Process Tips During this time, you will want to […]

Can Composite Fillings Get Stained?

Our Lynnwood dentistry clinic offers composite, tooth-colored fillings for patients with cavities. These fillings offer the advantage of blending in with your natural tooth structure so that nobody, but your dentist knows that you’ve had restoration work done. Unfortunately, over time, these fillings can become stained so that they stand out on your tooth. Teeth […]

Looking Out for Fractured Teeth

Sometimes a tooth can become fractured, which can result in serious decay and may eventually call for a root canal. Unfortunately, you may have a fractured tooth without even realizing it. Possible Symptoms of a Fractured Tooth Fractured teeth may feel perfectly natural to the touch, and possibly not exhibit any symptoms until they become […]