Why are my Teeth Sensitive?

Some people come to our Lynnwood dentist with concerns about sensitive teeth. It’s a tricky problem, as sensitivity could just as easily be caused by insufficient dental hygiene and surprisingly, it could be caused by too much dental hygiene.

Cause of Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is generally caused by either receding gums, tooth decay or worn tooth enamel. Many people experience tooth sensitivity when they drink hot or cold beverages such as coffee or iced drinks.

Brushing too little invites infection, and brushing hard and too much strips away fragile gum tissues. Unfortunately, you can also expect some sensitivity arising from using antibacterial mouthwashes, teeth whiteners, and other products that are meant to benefit your teeth.

You can even expect some brief sensitivity after a routine dentist appointment and dental procedures such as a dental filling or a dental implant. Sensitivity after a procedure should be temporary.

Talk to our Dentist at Song Dental

If the sensitivity doesn’t go away after a dental procedure or you’re concerned, please contact our dental clinic so our team can take a look. There may be ways to change your dental routine in order to be less harsh on your gums and better habits to take care of your oral health.