Scrape Your Tongue for Better Taste Sensations!

Scraping your tongue is an important part of your oral hygiene routine. If you fail to clear away the build-up on your tongue’s surface, you are inviting tooth decay, gum disease, and a laundry list of tongue-related illnesses upon yourself. And, in case the health concerns are not enough to motivate you to get a proper tongue scraper, you should also consider the benefits that tongue scraping has at the dinner table.

Cleaner Tongue, Better Taste Buds?

When you allow plaque and detritus to gather on your tongue, your taste buds aren’t able to do their job as well. Tasting food through a thick layer of plaque is like trying to feel something through a thick set of gloves.

Blocked taste buds lead to false cravings and a reduced ability to enjoy the flavor of your food. It’s only by cleaning your tongue that you can open up your tongue’s pores and properly enjoy your favorite meals.

Tongue Cleaning Tips at Song Dental

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