The Proper Way to Store Your Brush

Your bathroom is not the most sanitary place.  All the same, though, it’s probably the place where you keep your toothbrush.  In order to minimize the amount of bacteria and other unhealthy substances on your brush, try taking the following storage tips from your Lynnwood Dentistry:

  • Store your brush upright, like in a cup or a brush holder.  This will keep the bristles drier, which makes them less bacteria-friendly.

  • Avoid using a toothbrush cover whenever you can.  Bacteria thrive in a cramped, moist environment.

  • Don’t mix with other brushes.  Putting more than one brush in a single cup allows them to exchange bacteria and viruses.  If somebody in your household has gingivitis or a cold sore, they could very well be sharing this problem with you.

  • Watch out for the toilet!  Whenever you flush, the toilet sends a light spray of bacteria and toilet water into the air.  This spray can settle on your toothbrush if you’re not careful.