Gaps Between Teeth: What is Too Wide?

Teeth Gap

Different people have different mouths. Some people’s teeth are very close together, while others have sizeable gaps between their teeth. Occasionally, people will come to our Lynnwood dentistry clinic with concerns about the size of the gaps between their teeth: what is too wide, or what is too narrow?

The good news is that it is a myth that a wide gap between your teeth leads to cavities. In fact, when your teeth are far apart, they’re easier to clean and less likely to get food caught between them. Teeth that are particularly close together, by contrast, can be very difficult to floss effectively and may be slightly more susceptible to decay.

The concern you need to have when your teeth are separated by sizeable gaps is that this is probably a sign that your teeth are coming in crooked. You may have a weak bite, or one of your teeth may be crowding another. Consult your dentist about your own teeth, and whether or not it may be advisable to fit yourself with braces, bridge work, or another dental solution.