Dental Lasers: Better Alternative To Traditional Drills

Amazing Applications of Dental Lasers

Did you know that lasers have been in use by dental professionals for decades already? For dental procedures, lasers are efficient cutting and vaporizing instruments to remove diseased or decaying oral tissues, and also used in teeth whitening treatment. They offer a variety of benefits to patients and make the dentist’s work more efficient.

Lasers work by producing light waves of similar wavelengths. It is a form of light energy that is delivered in a narrow, precise, and focused manner at a small spot at a time. Here are some of the uses of laser technology in the field of dentistry:

Lasers remove tooth decay, that is, tissue which is necrotic or infected within the tooth, and prepare the receptacle for the filling material. They can also remove calculus around the teeth or under the gums.

Lasers remove bacteria and debris during root canal procedures. They also remove the same found in periodontal pockets as well as inflamed tissue in bone. Laser also reshapes the gums as well as perform flaps during gum surgery.

Lasers can also reshape bone.

Lasers are also used to remove lesions and perform biopsies for oral cancer diagnosis. They are also sometimes utilized to alleviate pain produced by canker sores or cold sores.

Lasers facilitate in-office teeth whitening procedures. It activates the peroxide bleaching solution which speeds up the whitening process.

They have certain advantages over the traditional dental drill which has been the mainstay in many office treatment programs. Lasers reduce the pain during procedures and in some instances such procedures may not need any anesthesia. In this way, patients’ anxiety is reduced or minimized especially for those who are uncomfortable with the dental drill.

There is less bleeding and less swelling during soft tissue treatments when lasers are used; hence, the healing process after procedure is hastened. The technology also causes less damage or involvement of surrounding normal tissue. Lasers also diminish the risk of post-op infection.


Painless and Safe Dentistry in Lynnwood

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