Holidays Dental Advice: How To Be Cavity-Free

Staying Free of Cavities While It’s Christmas

You might really love your dentist but maybe this is not the person you’d like to spend time with during the holidays. Certainly not in the dental chair. So with the holidays coming, and the round of parties, drinking and dining, be sure to know how to keep yourself free from dental decay. Here are some tips to help you enjoy Christmas and the New Year without dental issues.

Always stay hydrated. Know that too much alcohol can dry out your mouth. There will be a lot of drinking around and you might forget that you’re actually imbibing tons of sugar and acid with your favorite alcohol, beside causing dryness. This will only make your teeth more susceptible to the bacteria that cause cavities. If you drink alcoholic beverages, try to drink plenty of water too.

Don’t use your teeth to crack nuts. There’ll be lots of nuts passing around during the holidays. But don’t test the strength of your teeth by shelling nuts with them. The hard surface of most nutshells can cause serious tooth and gum damage, and may even crack teeth. Better for you to shell nuts before snacking

Be careful with candy canes; they can be fun and can be great breath mints but they can damage your teeth. They are hard candy and can break or chip your teeth. They are also very sugary. Bad for teeth. Try not to bite down hard when enjoying. Drink lots of water, too.

Mind the starchy foods. You will be indulging in chips and dips, salads and pastas. Just take extra care when you floss that day to remove all the food particles that can lead to plaque build-up.

Choose your sticky foods. Sticky foods like caramel and taffy can even yank out fillings. Also, they can damage your teeth since they tend to stay on the teeth longer than other types of food. After a big meal, eat some sweets soon after. It increases saliva production and helps rinse away particles and cancel out acids produced by bacteria. Plenty of water with your meal helps wash away any remaining food particles.

Opening gifts and bottles? Just don’t do it with your teeth. Use the proper tools to open them, like scissors or a bottle opener instead. These habits can crack teeth, and you might not be wanting to go to the dentist for a new crown or a root canal.

Enjoying the Holidays in Lynnwood
Know more how you can protect yourself – your teeth and gums – in this merry season. You can still enjoy the holidays and yet maintain oral health. This is just friendly advice from your Lynnwood dentist.