What Is Laser Treatment and Why is It Used in Dentistry?

Amazing Dental Applications of Laser Treatment 

Laser dentistry first came into the scene in 1989, and since then have been used in a growing number of dental conditions. Know more about the amazing uses of lasers in dentistry. Dental practise has been the same again.

Laser is actually LASER, standing for “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.” It’s an instrument designed specifically for use in oral surgery or dentistry. It creates light energy in a focused beam directed towards a dental tissue allowing it to reshape, or remove, that tissue. It allows for a more efficient treatment, more comfortable, and cost-effective option compared to traditional surgery.

This FDA-approved procedure is versatile and can be used in treating tooth decay, gum disease, hypersensitive teeth, and is quite a popular tool for teeth whitening. Hopefully, the ADA will follow suit seeing the potential of laser use in dentistry. 

Laser dentistry can be used in two types of procedures: for hard and soft tissue procedures.  For hard tissue, laser is used to detect tooth cavities by finding early evidence of tooth decay. It can aid in tooth prep and dental fillings, not needing anesthesia or the hand drill in most cases. Laser can also be used in treating tooth sensitivity by merely sealing off exposed dentin tubules. 

When it comes to soft tissue procedures, laser treatment is a dentist’s helpful tool when working on gum tissue. It can reshape gum tissue (including bone tissue, too) in crown lengthening, reshape ‘gummy smile’ gums, remove tissue folds as a result of bad-fitting dentures, and also aid in frenectomy. 

Other procedures where laser treatment is employed include removing benign tumors or cysts, treating cold sores, regeneration of damaged blood vessels and nerves, reducing TMJ pains and inflammation, and bleaching during teeth whitening. Some experts treat sleep apnea using laser therapy. 


Laser Dentistry at Song Dental in Lynnwood

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