What Are The Different Types of Dental Problems?

The Most Common Issues Seen By Dentists 

There are many dental and oral problems seen by dentists and that’s because we really don’t stop using our mouth in daily life. Most issues are preventable, however, yet you are bound to experience at least a few in your lifetime. Here are the most common problems.


They are holes on tooth surfaces. A part of the tooth has permanently decayed. This condition is very common across all age groups. Bacteria attack food debris left on teeth and the acid component will coat the area to form plaque. The buildup will eat away at the enamel, and if still untreated will progress right to the underlying tissues. 


It’s inflammation of the gums due to a bacterial infection from plaque; it’s an early form of gum disease. Plaque buildup on teeth can affect the soft tissue and causes it to swell or bleed. Untreated gingivitis can lead to a more serious infection, called periodontitis.


A serious gum infection that is progressive. It can cause damage to the gum tissue, causing swelling, receding, and formulation of pockets. Affected teeth can become loose in their sockets, and even affect the jaw bone. One can lose teeth this way and may cause an inflammatory response throughout the body.

Tooth Sensitivity

A sudden jolt of pain or discomfort can be experienced when teeth come in contact with either hot or cold foods or beverages. It can be the result of a cracked or broken tooth, worn-down fillings or crowns, a root canal, eroded enamel, or gum disease. Sometimes it’s called “dentin hypersensitivity.”

Oral Cancer

This type of cancer may affect the gums, tongue, floor of the mouth, the hard and soft palate, even the lips and the cheeks, sometimes the throat. Using tobacco products and smoking are the biggest culprits for oral cancer. The dentist is usually the first professional to recognize it. Each year close to 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer. 

These common problems are mostly preventable and if discovered early can reverse the situation. Proper oral hygiene practices can prevent dental issues from becoming problematic.


Looking After Oral Health in Lynnwood 

Regular visits to your friendly Lynnwood dentist can ensure you are always in the know about your oral issues.