Understanding The Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

What is Restorative Dentistry? 

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with restoring in the mouth lost function and esthetics. It is an integrated approach to oral health problems by means of available treatment options. Find out what these are.

The American Dental Association is not currently recognizing this branch of dentistry as a specialization that requires additional education, training, or certification. General dentists can perform restorative procedures without being called specialists. The dentist’s skill will only play a role on how difficult the procedure is and what the dentist feels comfortable with.

Restorative dentistry is often called prosthodontic dentistry also. This is because the aim is to preserve the natural teeth whenever possible. When teeth are damaged, broken, discolored, or deceased, and ultimately when they are missing or lost, several options are available to recreate the normal function and look. Prosthodontic dentistry includes many procedures that use fillings, veneers, crowns, root canal treatment, bridges, full and partial dentures, and dental implants.

What is the purpose of restorative dentistry?

There are many reasons why restorative work is beneficial, worth the effort, time and expense to have it done. 

  1. It helps restore the natural function of teeth. Teeth are vital in chewing food as well as in speaking. It prolongs the life of damaged teeth, arrests further damage, and when there are missing teeth, restores them by providing artificial ones. 
  2. It treats and avoids pain. Pain is associated mostly with dental caries and decay, as well as abscess; without treatment painful destruction of teeth, gums, and bone becomes inevitable and more problematic. Jaw pain can also occur when the bite is not properly aligned.
  3. It preserves the integrity and strength of bone. Without replacing missing teeth, the integrity of the jaw bone involved is jeopardised. Bone can become weakened, brittle, and eventually, totally dissolved. 
  4. It improves the aesthetics or appearance of the mouth and face. Restoration of damaged or missing teeth brings back the confidence to smile and speak. 
  5. It promotes overall dental health.

Restoration Experience and Expertise in Lynnwood

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