Spectra™ Cavity Detection Aid

Diagnosing Tooth Decay

Diagnosing tooth decay in its early stages is an important part of getting the best out of your dental care. More sophisticated technology means that your dentist can discover problem areas long before they turn into cavities, which means fewer cavities and less drilling in the long run. This is what the Spectra™ offers.

The Spectra™ cavity detection camera is a three-time winner of the Pride Institute’s “Best of Class Technology Award”. This is because it makes use of radar-like technology to scan your teeth in a safe and non-invasive way, without the risk of inflicting further damage that comes with other systems.

It is also the only cavity detection aid available that employs both a chromatic and numerical code to indicate the extent of your tooth decay, giving you and your dentist a precise and easy-to-understand picture of your problem areas. Superior detection technology means a greater chance of avoiding painful cavity treatments in the future!

Spectra™ makes use of a simple, blue fluorescent light to reveal areas of decay in your teeth. We shine this light into your mouth, and the image is transmitted directly to our computer screen where you can easily see your problem areas highlighted in red. It is more comfortable than a dental x-ray, and is often capable of discovering decay that the x-ray machine misses. Further, for patients who are adverse to the radiation that comes with an x-ray, Spectra™ represents a completely radiation-free alternative.

Through the use of this technology, Dr. Song’s Lynnwood dentistry clinic is able to better assure a positive dental experience for you and your family. Your diagnosis is quicker, more comfortable, and more reliable, which adds up to less invasive and less expensive treatments. It’s easier on your schedule, it’s easier on your budget, and it’s far, far easier on your teeth.