Laser Teeth Whitening

Lasers can do wonders to brighten your smile! At our Lynnwood dentistry, we employ sophisticated laser whitening technology to make your tooth-whitening procedure quicker, cleaner, and more effective.

The difficulty with most whitening procedures is that the chemicals used are harsh on your sensitive enamel and gum tissues. The more you are exposed to such chemicals, the more likely you are to weaken your tooth structure or cause your gums to recede.

Risks are particularly high with home whitening kits, which are rarely capable of achieving the same effects of an in-office treatment. Some people end up overusing their home whiteners to a point where it becomes an addiction, eventually turning their enamel bright blue and seriously exposing themselves to decay. It is only with the supervision of a trained dental professional that a whitening procedure can be specially tailored to your specific needs and the nature of your stains, maximizing the effectiveness of your treatment while minimizing any negative impact on your oral health.

EPIC™ Teeth-whitening Solution 

The EPIC™ teeth-whitening solution has demonstrated in a laboratory setting to be the fastest in-office whitening system available. The average patient can achieve a full-mouth whitening of between four to six shades brighter in just 30 minutes, not counting set-up or take-down. First, a simple peroxide bleach solution is applied to the surface of your teeth. A laser can then be used to activate this solution, which speeds up the chemical reaction. This will get you out of your dental chair all the more quickly, and will reduce the amount of exposure your delicate gums will have with harsh bleaching agents.