How Soon Do I Recover After Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Tips and Helps While Healing

While most dentists regard wisdom tooth extraction as an ordinary and minor procedure, patients are informed that it can take about 2 weeks for a full recovery. What tooth was involved and the complexity of the undertaking usually determines recovery time. Know more about how you can better manage your healing period.

Patients need not worry because they should see a gradual improvement of symptoms post-surgery over the next few days. If stitches were used, they can be removed in about a week. Pain, swelling and bruising will slowly lessen. Sometimes mouth opening is limited, or the jaws are a bit tight. As anesthesia subsides, you may feel some lightheadedness.

Actually, a general timeline in healing recovery may look like this: forming of blood clots within the first 24 hours; subsiding of swelling and bruising in the next 2 – 3 days; stitching removed after seven days; subsiding of jaw soreness and stiffness until 10 days after; and healing of facial bruises, if any, is achieved in two weeks.

So what can you do to feel better?

Fortunately, your dentist-surgeon will prescribe you pain meds to lessen the discomfort. If you had general anesthesia or some other form of sedation, you can feel nauseated afterwards or actually vomit. Be sure to take your meds with meals. Contact your dentist if nausea or vomiting persists.

Likewise, you will have to bite down on a piece of gauze your dentist will put over your wound. You must keep it there for at least one hour. Don’t try to dislodge any blood clot that forms on your wound, otherwise, you can expose the wound to infection. Recovery may take longer.

An ice pack over that side of the face for 15 minutes on and off the first few hours may also be recommended. It can reduce swelling. Lastly, do not attempt to drive yourself home just after surgery. Take a couple of days off. You can resume your normal daily routine in two to three days. In the meantime, do not engage in strenuous physical activity.


Helping You Through Your Recovery in Lynnwood

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