BIOLASE EPIC™ Laser System

Periodontal Care

Periodontal care is a delicate field, since your gums are made of very delicate tissues. Trying to clean or repair these tissues has historically been a daunting and painful endeavor.

Fortunately, laser technology is making it possible to both sanitize and perform surgical procedures on your gums cleanly, comfortably, and more effectively than ever.

Our Lynnwood dentistry clinic makes use of the BIOLASE EPIC™ laser system for our periodontal treatments. This innovative device makes use of an exclusive diode laser wavelength and an assortment of other patented features to cut soft tissue with greater precision than can be achieved with other lasers or traditional tools. The laser sterilizes the area while it works, greatly reducing the chance of infection without the need for harsh chemicals.

Meanwhile, the light is easily absorbed by the hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin in your blood, which serves to discourage bleeding in the area of the cut. This all adds up to a more comfortable and pain-free procedure; most patients do not even require a local anesthetic prior to their surgery!

Compared to other surgical dental lasers, the EPIC™ delivers faster micropulses of laser energy, reaching as much as ten million pulses per second. This means that the laser can do more in less time, giving your gum tissues extra time to relax between applications. Your treatments can be completed quickly and comfortably, exposing you to a fraction of the laser radiation you would receive with other models. It’s safe, convenient, and effective for all of your periodontal care needs.