Study: Gum Disease and High Blood Pressure Medication

An Association Not To Be Ignored

There’s a new study that suggests gum disease may interfere with high blood pressure control. From the dental surgery department at the University of L’Aquila in Italy, researchers reviewed medical and dental records of more than 3,600 patients diagnosed with high blood pressure.

The study found that comparing to those with good oral health, patients with gum disease do not respond as well to medications for high blood pressure. They are also 20% less likely to achieve healthy blood pressure goals.

Medical doctors should also consider their patients’ oral health, especially those who are being treated for hypertension they should also advise patients vigorously to seek dental care if they see signs of periodontal disease. In the same vein, dental health practitioners should keep in mind that oral health is indispensable to overall health.

The findings suggest that those with gum disease may require closer blood pressure monitoring due to the association, and those with high blood pressure might benefit from regular dental care, according to the research. The study was published in October this year in the journal Hypertension.

It is important to be aware that good oral health is as important as managing the lifestyle that control blood pressure – such as low salt diet, regular exercise and weight control. In other words, if you as a patient are under medication for high blood pressure, be sure that you also take care of the health of your teeth and gums. Gum disease is just as highly prevalent and its most serious form – periodontitis – can lead to a host of oral problems.

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Our team at Song Dental Center in Lynnwood, give serious consideration to our patients who are also hypertensive. We don’t ignore the association of oral health impacting medical conditions. Don’t be afraid to ask for more details.